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The best thermal insulation for your windows


Convert your home into a cozy place with a minimum consumption

The old windows are wasting a lot of money on heating and air conditioning. This need not be so, since current insulating windows contribute significantly to energy savings, the better the thermal insulation of windows, less energy is consumed and lower the air conditioning bill. In addition, there are legal requirements for thermal insulation which require to install energy-efficient windows, both in new construction and renovation.


Calculation: 25 m2 window surface, fuel consumption for heating in 25 years, with an aluminum window Uw = 5.70 W / m2K value; standard window with a value Uw = 2.37 W / m2K; Thermal with a Uw value = 1.00 W / m2K

iff-00072-07-161369Insulating windows
The RH windows can unsurpassed thermal insulation, meeting the requirements of energy efficiency, as well as great safety for your investment.

Also set new standards for energy savings because it will reduce energy losses through windows up to 76%.



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