Anti-theft protection


Hamper the entry to thieves

Feel protected against theft attempts

Your house may be a safe place, even when going on holiday. For this it is important to install windows with anti-theft protection. The recently held Statistics show that most intrusions take place due to windows and doors within easy reach – during the day when nobody is at home.
Often they try to open the windows with simple tools such as a wrench. But these attempts to theft can be avoided.


Protect your against intruders

There are measures that improve the anti-theft protection window. More than 80% of theft attempts end during the initial stage thanks to such measures.

When purchasing new windows, make sure you have enough anti-theft protection.
Surely the supplier of the windows will advise on the possibilities for anti-theft equipment.
Windows that require anti-theft protection? mainly depends on its location. Each window of the strength classes are specified in the current regulations.

Choose the most appropriate type of protection for your RH window:


Basic securite
for example, windows for the second floor
Window difficult to reach, we need just a basic security.

RC 1 Class
for example, windows in high levels less protection against the use of leverage tools.

RC 2 Class
eg for balcony windows with improved protection for the use of simple tools such as wrenches, pliers or screwdrivers.

RC 3 Class(Additional / special measures)
for example, windows on the bottom floor Best anti-theft protection against the use of heavy tools as levers.

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