RH manufacture residential and commercial aluminium windows and doors, which include bi-fold doors, sliding doors, stacking doors, bi-fold windows, sliding windows, louvre windows, sashless windows, double hung windows, awning windows and casement windows. These high performance, architecturally designed aluminium window and door products are available in a wide range of colours to suit modern architectural requirements. We offer the flexibility to custom design your own windows and doors to suit individual specifications and style without compromising on quality.

Aluminium Designs have become the favourite choice of Architects and Building Designers with innovative performance and design features delivering outstanding outcomes in residential and architectural residential construction. Elevate Aluminium Systems provide commercial window and door systems that offer streamlined and efficient solutions to the commercial construction and high-end residential market. The ThermalHEART range of high-performance, thermally broken aluminium windows and doors was developed in response to growing environmental concern and requirements for energy efficient building designs. ThermalHEART thermally broken aluminium residential windows and doors offer significantly improved thermal performance and energy efficiency.

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Running without thermal break

Horizontal Sliding Windows allow for non-intrusive openings onto decks and walkways, encouraging indoor-outdoor communication between guests, hosts and family members.
Installed over kitchen sinks and bench tops, Sliding Windows reduce the risk of strain when you reach to open and close them.
Vertical options include Double Hung and Sashless systems. Vertical sliding windows can be locked into place for continuous airflow and additional security, whether open or close.

Aluminium SWR Serie
Aluminium STR Serie

Running with thermal break

The structural strength characterizes our aluminum window with thermal break. This window is the ideal solution for those looking for maximum comfort.
In addition, modern lines and versatility of finishes makes the product an object with innovative design. The aluminum window with thermal break is the version with the largest size of our aluminum windows.
The aluminum window has been certified and is in compliance with UNI EN 14351-1. In the field of thermal transmittance, our window is respectful of the ministerial tables defining limit values for the whole window and for the glass. The glasses shall comply with the UNI 7697 that establish the security criteria for glassworks application.

Aluminium TL Serie
Aluminium/Wood AMC Serie

Stop without thermal break

Low-cost and versatile
Our Stop without thermal break is suitable for the construction of doors, screens and windows without thermal break.

Aluminium ML Serie
Aluminium MLM Serie
Aluminium CR Serie
Aluminium PL2000 Serie
Aluminium PL2007 Serie
Aluminium/Wood AM Serie

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